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Since it’s a lay day for the Brazil comp, here are my picks for the contest…

#1-Jadson Andre-He’s the obvious favorite winning the event last year but something tells me he’s going to need more than stock airs this event. Sure, there is that progressive element but show some variety and well roundedness. Judges always look to push the local guys through.

#2-Owen Wright-Finally Owen has the chance to go left. He finished third here last year in small, gutless conditions and he looked in rhythm. With some good boards under his feet, he could still put together a good result and maybe his maiden win.

#3-Mick Fanning-Whereas long drawn out point breaks don’t favor Mick against certain guys on tour, his speed and quickness definitely make him a tough draw in unpredictable beach breaks. He’s won this event before in conditions on both ends of the spectrum and he won’t be satisfied with a second for long.

#4-Taj Burrow-Brazil could be the spot where Taj snatches back momentum. He’s scratched good results almost everywhere but beach breaks are where he shines the most. Many forget this is where he won his first WCT event.

#5-Joel Parkinson-There’s a lot of variables surrounding this pick for me. It’s either going to be big, good, open faced Brazil and he’ll shine or he will finally figure out small wave flare against the fly weights. Quarters or better for Joel.


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All things halos, bruins, and lakers…   Leave a comment

Here’s what I got…

*Back in the rolling hills of Westwood, seems like there’s still questions at quarterback. Really? Well, let’s look at the logistics. Hundley is without question a physical freak that with improved passing could actually turn out to be the “savior” that every UCLA fan has made him out to be…in a year or two. Prince is still on the mend from his, I don’t know, fourth or fifth injury and despite the fact that he’s got a cannon for an arm and the wheels to turn a collapsing pocket into a ten or twelve yard gain and that he was directly responsible for a signature thrashing of Texas last year he still may not be our guy. The Bruins can’t go through another season of three guys under center. This leaves one lone candidate…Richard Brehaut. I love Brehaut. Neuheisel loves Brehaut. I’m pretty sure Mike Johnson loves Brehaut…so why not? He’s got a great arm, enough mobility to avoid the rush, and maybe the most important part…he can take big hits and stay up. With three new coordinators, the departure of key players, and what is a must win season for Neuheisel, if I’m him, I’m putting the ball in the hands of the guy I know I can count on for all twelve games.

*It’s bad enough that I could call that Laker loss only five minutes into it but lose with class. Give credit where it’s due and move on and Andrew Bynum couldn’t do that. He didn’t pull a Lebron and storm off the floor before shaking hands with the winning team that just carved him up. Nope. Bynum, in his infinite wisdom, decide to body check Barea mid air on his way to a finger roll. Not only is that dangerous and classless…it’s immature. It’s not like I’ve expected Andrew to show much of that throughout his career but that was the last straw. Mitch Kupchak probably has Orlando’s front office on speed dial and is piecing together packages for Dwight Howard. It may take awhile but the Lakers will not go straight to the basement. They will gut the team to get the people they need which includes Dwight who I’m sure is giddy at the mere mention of Los Angeles and don’t be surprised if Chris Paul isn’t far behind.

*Back in winter, I was hoping Artie Moreno would make angry moves for players that would put the Halos back in contention for the AL west…and all we got was an aging Vernon Wells and an expensive contract. It turns out we didn’t need star power. We just needed hungry guys from the farm. Enter Peter Bourjos, Hank Conger, and Jordan Walden. Bourjos is the on base threat the Angels needed, who is the fastest guy in the MLB according to his manager. Hank Conger has more than made up for Mike Napoli’s absence with his catching and hitting. Jordan Walden has an arsenal of pitches to close the game. With all these pieces coming together and the Angels showing promise this early on, there’s no reason they can’t claim the West and make another play off run. The World Series from 2002 seems so far away. Maybe it’s finally time to push for another.

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It’s all too predictable of how things turn out when Joel Parkinson is in an event and the waves start to get better because when they do get better so does he. When the point at Bells went from three-foot dribblers to six-foot dreams, Parko went off and carved the field up…literally. He needed that win more than anyone and showed the flare we know he has and maybe some ruthlessness we didn’t know he had because he gave no one and inch in any of his heats. When the most important wave of the event came in, Joel wasn’t afraid to pull priority on Mick and it paid with a barrel, three huge turns, and a perfect ten. Joel is back, he’s sitting in second ready to pounce, and if he can make good decisions in Brazil and Tahiti then Slater will have good reason to watch his back.

Speaking of Sir Slater, no one prides themselves more on making good decisions in heats than him and having a game plan. Well…what was his game plan against that over claiming garden gnome in his quarters heat? I’ll go out on a limb and say he had no plan or it was the wrong one. I get that every once in awhile we all have mental lapses but losing against Desouza is like dropping a loss to the Cavs post Lebron era. There’s not one place where Adriano outmatches Kelly but it’s not that Adriano surfed well. It’s more that Kelly made a few bad decisions. Don’t get me wrong. Quarters finishes are still money in the bank when you’re contending. I’m still picking him to win number eleven this year but trust that the guys behind him will pounce on any future mistakes and make him pay.

And losing in the final two years in a row must sting but losing to your friend must hurt a bit more. Mick just didn’t look altogether in that heat. He looked shaky through his turns and out strategized by his friend who has no world titles to his two. There’s times where I think that if Parko hadn’t injured his ankle then Mick would have had a much tougher time in claiming his second in 2009 and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes for him this year. Last years world title hangover wasn’t pretty at times aside from a win in France. Then again Mick will have ample opportunity to play to his strengths with speed, quickness, and power because he just can’t compete with his best friend in conditions like that.


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