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Sorry for the massive hiatus between posts. I was finishing up my EMT class but since that’s behind me now I am back! Here’s my two cents…

-You guys might have recalled an uproar from people involving a short, stout Brazilian, a lanky Australian upstart, a floater, some scores, and wait for it…some fist pump claims. Adriano winning Brazil didn’t shock me nearly as much as it did that he actually made it through the quarters against an in form Owen Wright. The judges are still struggling greatly to stay consistent with what they say will score and what they’re actually rewarding. They attempt to explain their rationale here¬† BUT…how were Owen’s waves any different from Kelly getting big scores off smaller, less consequential waves at Lower in ’08 against Taj? There’s no question that if the surfer was anyone other than Adriano then they wouldn’t have gotten the score. I commend the ASP for wanting to push for more progressive surfing and styling guys out for it. However, they need to get away from juicing certain guys just because they happen to be the home town favorite or under dog or whatever the case may be. Credit to Adriano for his massive floater and win and leading the ratings but don’t expect him to hold that lead past J-Bay.

-Autopsy results finally came out after a long wait regarding Andy Irons’ death and he died from…a heart attack. Wait, what? That’s right. AI met his fate via an acute myocardial infarction stemming from ridiculous closures in his arteries. Now history in his family would suggest that it was hereditary but no one buys that. The entire world knows AI partied and that coke and the mixing of that and other drugs is a sure fire way to promote cardiac problems. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not happy that this happened and neither is the rest of the world. No one wanted to see Andy go down and that’s not why we wanted to know what the deal was. This is a teachable moment for surfing. As the sport progress, it has no room for drugs or abuse of them. Even one of the best in history had problems so let’s learn from this and move forward and make the sport even better.

-On a lighter note, has anyone seen the Nike commercial with Julian, Michel Bourez, etc.? I personally had reservations about Nike taking on surfing but after seeing that I’M SOLD. It was well put together and it’s not like Nike went out and got no namers we’d never heard of. Nope. They threw Yankee money and incentives at solid guys and girls alike. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a core company that started from the roots of San Clem or Newport or HB. So what? Surfing is surfing and if it makes the sport better than I’m all for it. What you worry about is a company monopolizing the industry. Take for example, football. Adidas, Puma, Converse all barely have a presence in the giant shadow that Nike casts and I but I have a feeling that will never happen in the surf industry. We’re all about variety and the heads of these companies are not dumb guys. So instead of being paranoid and elitist, let’s embrace this opportunity for surfing.



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