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With J-Bay underway, two major players in the world title race are missing from the draw: Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. While the new ASP system allows surfers the ability to miss certain events, their absence signifies a shift in the world surfing powers and their own priorities. I’m not one for reading too deeply into things like this but the writing is on the wall and here is where I come out.

With a massive swell hammering Tavarua, Kelly made it clear a few days out that there was a good shot he wouldn’t be making it to J-Bay. It’s understandable. The swell angle was perfect along with the waves and the way things are now he can have two bad results. One is a 17th in Brazil and the other is a 33rd from missing J-Bay. It’s interesting…the Kelly of old never would have missed a contest especially when he’s spoken in the same breath as the top three surfers in the world and still has a legitimate shot at an unprecedented 11th world title. But this is not pre-10th world title Kelly. This is semi-retired Kelly. Him releasing a statement about not attending would have been interpreted as a mind game in the past. But clearly his priorities have shifted and it’s no longer about world titles. It’s about surfing the best waves whether it’s at the contest site or halfway around the world.

As for Dane, that knee is fine. We saw him at Lowers and at Mexico via his blog. He’s over it and Quiksilver is fine with that. As much as they’d love to see him contend for a world title alongside South African counterpart Jordy Smith, they know it’s not happening. They’ve accepted that and waved a white flag in the form of a six-year extension, which they presented him with this May. Personally, I don’t see him surfing one more event this year on the WCT. He has no reason or incentive too. Quik is content to let him be the best free surfer in the world and take weird photographs and make legendary acceptance speeches at the Surfer Poll Awards. But if this is the road he’s headed down then I ask one thing…can we please band together and vote him into first? I can only imagine that his speech for first will be even better than this…




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I’M BACK! And here are my thoughts…   Leave a comment

It has been nearly a month and a half since the Adriano v Owen debacle and lack luster peaks of some of the most passionate surf fans in the world. Short of their women’s soccer team losing to us, they along with us need to turn back to the surf world because the world tour turns to the speedy, winding perfection that is Jeffrey’s Bay. Guess who is taking his roid rage…I mean double fist claims…I mean passion to South Africa? World number one, Adriano De Souza, is stepping off the plane and into a spot where he has no shot of holding the lead. Yes, I just said that. There are way too many guys that surf J-Bay better than him and if the world class point break holds true to it’s track record then he’s not making it out of the fourth round and that’s me being generous.

This is Parko’s contest to lose. It suits him perfectly with a blend of speed, power, and style. He’s a mere 1300 points behind the fiesty Brazilian and if he doesn’t smell blood in the water now then he never will. Don’t count out Kelly. He’s got a book case worth of hardware from this spot. The question is with a 3rd and an uncharacteristic early bow out at Brazil…is he still interested? And what about Jordy? He’s the defending champ but depending on the conditions he may need to rely on his rail and less on his super mans. Mick is yet another solid threat in tricky conditions especially when you consider the fact that he’s still widely regarded as the fastest surfer on earth.

I’d love to say I see Ace, Owen, Jadson, Bobby, and the other goofies going mad on the offshore walls but as I’ve said before it’s a regular foot’s tour. This is especially true here BUT I wouldn’t put it past them to scratch quarter or maybe even semi-finals.


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