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It has been nearly a month and a half since the Adriano v Owen debacle and lack luster peaks of some of the most passionate surf fans in the world. Short of their women’s soccer team losing to us, they along with us need to turn back to the surf world because the world tour turns to the speedy, winding perfection that is Jeffrey’s Bay. Guess who is taking his roid rage…I mean double fist claims…I mean passion to South Africa? World number one, Adriano De Souza, is stepping off the plane and into a spot where he has no shot of holding the lead. Yes, I just said that. There are way too many guys that surf J-Bay better than him and if the world class point break holds true to it’s track record then he’s not making it out of the fourth round and that’s me being generous.

This is Parko’s contest to lose. It suits him perfectly with a blend of speed, power, and style. He’s a mere 1300 points behind the fiesty Brazilian and if he doesn’t smell blood in the water now then he never will. Don’t count out Kelly. He’s got a book case worth of hardware from this spot. The question is with a 3rd and an uncharacteristic early bow out at Brazil…is he still interested? And what about Jordy? He’s the defending champ but depending on the conditions he may need to rely on his rail and less on his super mans. Mick is yet another solid threat in tricky conditions especially when you consider the fact that he’s still widely regarded as the fastest surfer on earth.

I’d love to say I see Ace, Owen, Jadson, Bobby, and the other goofies going mad on the offshore walls but as I’ve said before it’s a regular foot’s tour. This is especially true here BUT I wouldn’t put it past them to scratch quarter or maybe even semi-finals.


“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”-Buddha



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