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As I said before, I had very little faith in Adriano’s ability to hold the lead through J-Bay and not only did he lose it but he went down a spot to third. Let’s be honest. Brazil was his best shot at a victory on tour and it will probably be his only one for the season. That being said…congratulations to Jordy Smith for defending his title from last year. While it wasn’t proper J-Bay where you get barreled five times with swooping arcs in between, Jordy and Mick made good use of the shifty conditions and teed off on the crumbling lips with lip blasts, reverses, and airs. Credit goes to Joel for making the best of the conditions that didn’t exactly favor him and to Ace for leading the charge of the goofy foots. In the end, Jordy’s progressive approach mixed with power turns earned him the win and put him into second place.

Despite not winning the contest, Joel continues to do what he needs to do in order to remain front runner for the world title. He needs to own the spots the he owns and scratch results at the places that he doesn’t. Winning Bells and getting a third at J-Bay is owning what he should and scratching a 5th in small lefts in Brazil is a good compliment. Aside from his 13th at the beginning of the year, he has no more throw aways…yet. The road doesn’t get easier. Gone will be the winding points he’s favored at but the peaky perfection of Lowers and bone crunching sand bottom barrels of Portugal (where he got 3rd two years ago) await.

A few questions remain. How interested and locked in is Kelly for 11? Will we see Dane surf another WCT heat? First off, Kelly’s focus is waning right before our eyes. He would rather miss an event in sub par conditions than miss a legendary swell at Cloudbreak. He’s realigning his priorities and resigned himself the fact that he may not get 11 this year…and maybe he shouldn’t try. Second, the tour’s allure is lost on Dane. His knee is fine and even if he wins Tahiti he’ll miss the cut. He’s fine with it and so was Quiksilver, who supposedly included some Jamie O’Brien clauses in his new five year contract giving him the freedom to do what he wants (jersey or no jersey). The only place we could see him is as a wild card at lowers but even this is a stretch.

Regardless, if all these theories hold true, this means an exciting second half of the year with more parody than we’ve potentially ever seen!


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