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Since it’s a lay day for the Brazil comp, here are my picks for the contest…

#1-Jadson Andre-He’s the obvious favorite winning the event last year but something tells me he’s going to need more than stock airs this event. Sure, there is that progressive element but show some variety and well roundedness. Judges always look to push the local guys through.

#2-Owen Wright-Finally Owen has the chance to go left. He finished third here last year in small, gutless conditions and he looked in rhythm. With some good boards under his feet, he could still put together a good result and maybe his maiden win.

#3-Mick Fanning-Whereas long drawn out point breaks don’t favor Mick against certain guys on tour, his speed and quickness definitely make him a tough draw in unpredictable beach breaks. He’s won this event before in conditions on both ends of the spectrum and he won’t be satisfied with a second for long.

#4-Taj Burrow-Brazil could be the spot where Taj snatches back momentum. He’s scratched good results almost everywhere but beach breaks are where he shines the most. Many forget this is where he won his first WCT event.

#5-Joel Parkinson-There’s a lot of variables surrounding this pick for me. It’s either going to be big, good, open faced Brazil and he’ll shine or he will finally figure out small wave flare against the fly weights. Quarters or better for Joel.


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